Vitajte na našej ajurvédskej klinike

Príďte sa k nám pozrieť so svojimi zdravotnými problémami a naši lekári vám poradia a predpíšu prírodnú liečbu, ktorá vám pomôže. Naši maséri Vám ponúknu masáže na uvoľnenie a relax. A naši kuchári vám pripravia zdravé a očistné jedlo. Ajurvédska klinika v Púchove je ájurvédskou klinikou prvej pomoci na Slovensku vôbec. Bolo nám veľkou cťou, že sme na slávnostnom otvorení kliniky mohli privítať indického konzula Harsha Kumara Jaina, poslancov mesta a mnoho ďalších významných osobností v tomto odvetví.

Pred prvou návštevou našej ambulancie prosím vyplňte formulár, ktorý si môžete stiahnuť  tu…

Cena konzultácie s diagnostikou a komplexnou liečbou je 35€ .

Price-list of massages you can find here…

Ayurveda is a widely accepted natural approach to health care. It is an Indian medicine based on prevention and health promotion, emphasizing lifestyle, eating, avoiding stress and anger, having enough sleep, regular physical exercise, maintaining healthy social habits and personal relationships.

This health care system was applied thousands of years ago, but it is relatively new to the rest of the world.

The term ayurveda means “science and life, knowledge”

The Ayurvedic Doctor determines diagnosis using pulse diagnostics, where he can accurately determine your current status, circulating in the body, possible problems and illnesses at an early stage.

Next, we’ll walk you through the form asking you questions about your health, what your main troubles are and how you feel

Ayurvedic treatment is exceptional by not focusing on the problem itself and the treatment, focusing on why the problem arose.

After a comprehensive survey, the doctor prescribes diagnostics and treatment with 100% natural and natural drugs, for which there are no side effects other than Western medicine. It also recommends massage, procedures, yoga exercises or breathing exercises.

The clinic is located in the Sports Complex with a newly opened hotel, wellnes and sauna world. On the ground-floor Športcentra there is a newly opened restaurant with Indian chefs who accompany the treatment of the clinic with special Indian and Ayurvedic recipes.

Ayurvedic Doctor Divya Chandrakumar Vinodhini (BAMS), who studied Pankajakasthuri Ayurvedamedical College under Kerela University, and Saumesh VL ayurvedic therapist, received training at the Goverment of Kerala Directorate of Ayurveda Medical Education, ayurveda therapist certificate.

Our ayurvedic clinic is located in a pleasant environment of newly opened premises equipped with a waiting room, outpatient, reception and several rooms designed for procedures and massages, as well as a spacious yoga room overlooking the river Váh.

If the customer does not communicate English, we also have an assistant, who simultaneously translates the entire consultation, procedures, ordering patients and especially to make our patient feel at our clinic as comfortable as possible.

In our ayurvedic massage offer we offer a wide choice of full-body, relaxing, rejuvenating, regenerative massage, body massages such as Ayurvedic head, neck and shoulder massage, foot massage, back, face and much more.

At our clinic, we focus on a treatment program that includes:

  • Treatment of the immune system
  • He cleaned the liver and the udder
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Arthritis – Joint Pain
  • Thyroid
  • Ischias / Interzistavcové platničky
  • Gynecological difficulties
  • Bleeding from the rectum / Hemorrhoids
  • The initial stage of diabetes
  • Problems with digestion, constipation
  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Blood purification
  • Memory support
  • Support for fertility of men and women (aphrodisiac)
  • Headaches, migraines, insomnia

We also offer special Ayurvedic packages that include staying at the clinic in a newly opened hotel, consulting with a doctor, diagnosis to complex treatment, detoxifying preparations and special diet (breakfast, lunch, dinner) meditation and yoga exercises, massages and the use of wellnes center with sauna world.

Ayurvedic Head Massage30 min25 €
Ayurvedic Face Massage30 min25 €
(Bath in Medicated Herbal water)
30 min25 €
Neck and Shoulder Massage30 min25 €
Spinal Massage30 min25 €
Foot Massage30 min25 €
Ajurvedic Head, Face and Neck40 min30 €
Ayurvedic Foot Massage45 min40 €
Spinal, Neck and Shoulders Massage45 min40 €
Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage45 min40 €
Abhyangam(Full Body Massage)60 min45 €
Shirodhara with Medicated Water40 min60 €
Udwarthanam(Full Body Massage with Herbal Powder)60 min70 €
Shirodhara with Medicated Milk or Buttermilk40 min70 €
Shirodhara with Medicated Oil40 min80 €
Rejuvenation Massage90 min80 €
Njavara Kizhy/ Podikizhy (Full Body Massage with pads filled with Rice cooked in herbal milk/ Powdered Herbs)90 min120 €

Our reference is a satisfied customer who leaves our clank and spreads good reputation to us and Ayurvedic medicine further.

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