Spacious Fitness with plenty of space for everyone

If you are looking for a really spacious fitness center with a wide range of exercise machines for a perfect load of all muscle parts, you are in the right place.

Fitness Price List

Fitness, 120 min

Po-So6.00 – 22.003,90 €
Ne/Sv6.00 – 21.003.90 €
Seniori,ZŤP6.00 – 22.003 €
Čas nad 120 minza každú začatú 1/2 hodinu1,2 €
Ročný členský poplatok60€/rok

Fitness, cupons

Počet vstupovCenaCena (senior, ZŤP)
10 vstupov35 €30 €
20 vstupov60 €55 €


PERMANETKA IS NOT REDUCED = only the person holding it is eligible to enter!

– The purchased entry entitles the customer to exercise for 120 minutes, including overcoating

– if the customer exceeds the limit of 120 minutes for entry, he / she must pay a supplement of € 1.20 for each commenced 30 minutes beyond the entry

– If the customer wishes to train for more than 120 minutes, he / she has the option to buy an annual membership fee of 60 €/year which entitles him / her to receive 1 x daily for an unlimited time

– Discount admission for students, seniors and ZŤP only after proof of the relevant license

– the ticket is valid for 1 year from the purchase – after 12 months without delivery / use, the system will automatically reset the card status!

the customer is required to show a valid ticket before entering the reception – otherwise the full amount will be charged for a one-time admission

Every customer is required to go into pure sports shoes before entering fitness.

– the terms apply to all customers without distinction – i.e. also for students, seniors and ZTP

– Price list valid from 13 September 2016